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1:1 Private Sessions

Elevate Yoga has developed a personalized program of 1:1 private yoga sessions designed for students of all ages and abilities. 


All sessions  are held in a non-competitive environment designed to promote body awareness, self-esteem, and character. All lessons  instill mindfulness and resilience all while maintaining a peaceful, productive atmosphere. Through strategies such as breathing, movement, yoga poses, positive affirmations and meditation students will learn techniques to cope with the pressures of their everyday lives. 

What to expect in an Elevate Yoga private yoga class:

A carefully crafted, accessible program designed to meet each student exactly where he or she is, enhance the quality of their life while providing a quiet serene environment. Through intelligent sequencing and creative lessons our signature program offers a dynamic, engaging workout and aromatherapy meditation designed for your body, mind and spirit.  


To feel welcome and accepted


 Why Elevate Yoga 1:1 Private Sessions?


Our Intentions:


•   Develop gross and fine motor skills

•   Improve balance and gait

•   Enhance flexibility

•   Develop core strength

•   Reduce muscle spasticity

•   Improve respiration

•   Regulate digestion

•   Improve sensory integration

•   Boost self confidence

•   Develop social skills

•   Encourage leadership skills

•   Cultivate opportunities for calm

•   Lessen Anxiety

•   Improve self regulation

•   Create connection

Today’s top athletes know and appreciate the benefits of yoga. Many teams have made it an essential component in their training and conditioning programs.

Now you can too with Elevate's Yoga for Athletes Program.


Yoga's blend of active and passive stretching is key for  keeping our athletes injury free. Practicing yoga on a regular basis improves the health of your bones while strengthening your spine and muscles. The various benefits of this time-honored practice work together to protect the body and prevent injuries in our athletes. 




Elevate Yoga for Athlete's program believes that sensation is information. Each yoga session is an opportunity for an exploration into the physical body. We uncover the sport specific overused muscles and create specialized instruction for your team. Every class we work toward finding space, lengthening and opening those areas of the body.

Through unique guided mediation sprinkled with aromatherapy we take the time to tap into the clear focused head space and calm mindset every athlete need to perform their best!





Athletic Performance Benefits of Yoga:


Standing Poses – Build leg-strength as well as flexibility in the hips and hamstrings.


Balancing Poses – Increase body awareness, stabilization, and proprioception.

Backward Bends – Expansion through the chest, improve posture, respiration and digestion.

Forward Bends – Promote health of posterior chain and help balance autonomic nervous system.

● Inversions – Improve immune function and enhance circulation in legs.

 ● Arm Balances – Build core and upper-body strength and improve balance/body- awareness.

Twists – Improve posture, shoulder-mobility, respiration, digestion, and health of spine and nervous system.

 Contact us to find out how our

Yoga for Athlete's Program

can elevate your game!

Therapeutic Yoga and Mindfulness for Cancer

The mission of Elevate Yoga & Wellness is to support the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of cancer patients, survivors, their caregivers and loved ones. Our goal is to provide a gentle, restorative yoga practice combined with guided meditation to lead students towards an inner softness in their minds, peace with their physical bodies and an open heart.


World cancer day (February 4). colorful
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